What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

Wood flooring offers many options and ways to personalize your flooring, but there are material choices you will have to make as well. For instance, understanding the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring is a great way to make the most helpful decision for your home's flooring, and we are going to tell you more about it right now.

Is engineered or solid hardwood flooring better?

Both engineered and solid hardwood flooring are excellent choices for almost every room of your home but understanding the differences can help you choose the perfect products for each area. For instance, since solid wood is not an option for below-grade placement, engineered materials are ideal for these spaces.

Solid wood is a through-body construction, while engineered products start with a layered plywood backing to which a layer of natural wood is added. Engineered wood can be installed faster, especially if you float the materials instead of nailing them into place.

One of the most significant differences between the two is lifespan, with solid wood lasting more than 100 years compared to the 30 years of service you'll get from engineered materials. To find out even more about the differences between these two, be sure to stop by to see them in person today.

Find the wood flooring that suits you best

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