Is gray hardwood flooring available?

Is gray hardwood flooring available?

Gray wood flooring is a current hardwood trend that remains popular. It's an excellent choice for various decor options because it offers a neutral color range.

These floors offer many added benefits that work toward a long lifespan. And once in place, they can last for more than 100 years with professional installation.

Gray works with every decor

Gray is an excellent choice for your flooring color. And there are several hues available that make it more customizable.

From light gray to griege to dark gray, there are solid hardwood flooring options for every interior design. As with most colors, the lighter the hue, the easier they are to clean for beautiful appearances.

Add variety to your home

When you choose a gray hardwood stain color, you'll see how versatile it is. Besides solid colors, gray is part of the high-variation color scheme often used.

The versatility of the appearance means you can pair it up with just about anything in your decor. And even more, eclectic features look great with this color scheme.

Extended benefits of wood flooring

You'll find outstanding durability with wood flooring materials that leads to its long lifespan. Find out more about species, sealant, and finish options for the best results.

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