SNC Flooring has hardwood flooring options for everyone

For more than a quarter century, SNC Flooring has provided professional installation and quality hardwood flooring products. In that time, we have come to understand that an informed consumer is a happier customer, including subjects such as choosing the correct type of hardwood flooring, finishes, or environmental concerns. Installing a new hardwood floor is a long term investment, and we want you to get the most from your purchase.

Hardwood flooring is sustainable

Hardwood is the most sustainable of most types of flooring. The major disadvantage is that wood flooring is more expensive initially, but the cost balances out and becomes a savings over the life of the floor. Some of the more popular environmental advantages include: ● 100+ year lifespan ● Negligible carbon emissions ● Inhibits bacterial growth ● Completely biodegradable ● Can be refinished instead of replaced

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Hardwood flooring for style and comfort

The type of wood and the flooring finish are two ways you can create the ambience of the room. Light woods give the impression of more open spaces, while dark hardwood floors suggest a quiet, subdued mood. As an example, light wood is appropriate for an exercise studio and dark wood is better suited for a den or study. The finish sheen used on the flooring will have an important impact as well. The National Wood Flooring Association states factors that the sheen will affect, such as light absorption and scratch visibility. Higher gloss finishes work well in a kitchen or dining area, while matte finishes yield better results in high traffic locations because dirt and scratches are less visible.

SNC Flooring is the hardwood floor expert

SNC Flooring has more than 100 hardwood choices available, and the experience to help you make the best choice for every room. Whether you are located in Boone, Baxter, and Harrison or anywhere in the Mountain Home region, we are the hardwood flooring solution that will save you time and money. Stop in to see our amazing selection of hardwood flooring, or contact us to schedule a personal consultation.