What are the benefits of hardwood floors?

What are the benefits of hardwood floors?

We are confident that you haven't visited our showroom if you are asking this question. Hardwood comes with class and elegance. It gives off a sense of stability and strength.

Colors and species

There are two questions that you need to answer when considering hardwood: What species? What stain? Each species of wood has a distinct look when it comes to its grain. Oak and walnut have a straight grain pattern to their wood. Cherry and maple have more curls and burls to their grain. Other species we have are hickory, birch, and pine.

Many kinds of wood look great in their natural state, but you may want to darken the color. This is where stain comes into play. We have a wide variety of stains for you to look at and choose from. Whatever design you want for your wood flooring, we can do it.

Another option for hardwood floors is the distressed look. The hardwood can be hand-scraped and distressed by a craftsman to make the floor look older than it is. It is usually refinished by hand afterward. This type of treatment can give your floor a rustic feel.

Engineered hardwood flooring

If you have a high moisture area in your home, like a basement, solid hardwood wouldn't be advisable to go into that room. But you can have engineered hardwood instead. Engineered hardwood comes with a veneer of the desired species on top and is supported by three layers of wood underneath to absorb the moisture. It goes down as a floating floor, so no glue or nails needed.

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