Yes, you can find natural knots and grains in hardwood flooring!

Yes, you can find natural knots and grains in hardwood flooring!

All wood flooring has characteristics that create the look you want and need. If natural knots and grains are what you want, you'll find plenty to choose from.

These characteristics offer a specific visual that will give you a look you want and need. Here are some facts about choosing an excellent look for your home with these options.

If you want your floors to stand out

Some of the unique floors are those that contain knots and grains. The color and visual variations add character but still match almost any decor.

Some homeowners prefer to leave the wood in a natural stain with solid hardwood flooring, while others choose to stain. And there are a few types of wood where knotting is most often found.

Knotty pine is a reasonable choice

The name alone says this species has lots of knots to see. However, they are usually smaller and have resin outlines for an exciting look.

These products feature an attractive yellow, gold, or blonde color, contrasting the light brown of the knots. You'll also see growth rings in a darker brown color, making these floors perfect for rustic looks.

Cherry brings knotted textures

Wood flooring, such as cherry wood, features textured knots but is not as noticeable. The red you see in the undertones of the wood will also darken as time passes.

You won't find this flooring choice in as many rustic spaces, as the colors pair differently. Be sure to ask where this option will fit best while you're here.

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